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Lane Turns 1!

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Lane Turns 1!

December 25, 2015.

This is the day that God gave me my third best present in my entire life. On this day, I found out that I was pregnant with my second child, and I can remember it as if it happened yesterday. Most women can always tell stories about how they just knew that they were pregnant. I always laughed, until it happened to me. I just knew… how crazy is that?! My house was always very busy, but boy was I crazy to think that that was the craziest that my life had ever been. I was so wrong, haha!

This little boy is a constant sweet reminder that I needed just one more thing in my life to complete me. I was scared and nervous when I found out that I was going to be a mother of another new baby, but those emotions quickly diminished and I became excited almost immediately. The day that this little cutie was born and entered my life, I knew that I couldn’t live without him! He has given me and his father many, many, restless and sleepness nights.

I feel almost as though I’ve known Lane my entire life, even though he was placed in mine in August of last year. I can’t believe you’re already about to be turning one!

“I wouldn’t trade you for dozens of donuts…” as your daddy likes to say.

You growing up means that you’re of course one year older, but it also means that I’m older, too. Seeing you get bigger literally overnight and right before my eyes makes me feel so excited, but nervous and heart-broken at the same time. You will do so many amazing things in this life, but for now I’m just going to love you this little and wish that you could stay this way forever.




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